5L Catsan Hygiene Litter


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Catsan's Hygiene Cat Litter has unique, fine pored mineral granules that are made from natural lime and quartz sand which absorb liquid. Each granule contains thousands of micro-pores which give Catsan's Hygiene Cat Litter its strong absorbency power, acting like a sponge. The granules are sprayed with a mineral salt solution for very good odour control. Plus, the white colour of Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter not only conveys a superior hygienic appeal, it also helps to detect changes in the cat's urine colour, which can be an indication that your cat is unwell.

With Outstanding odour control, Extremely low dust, Light weight, Hygienically white appearance.

Available in 5L, 10L and 20L


EAN 4008429054693
GTIN 4008429054693
Brand Catsan
MPN 5003673
Weight 3.5kg
Product Code 5003674
Brand Catsan
Condition New


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