Ancol Ergo Soft Cat Brush


The Ancol Ergo Soft Brush is ideal for gently smoothing your cat's coat and removing any loose hairs.

This brush will smooth and neaten your cat's coat with incredibly soft bristles, making it ideal for cats who are nervous about being groomed.

The soft brush is also useful to smooth long coats after they have been groomed with a moulting comb or a slicker.

Grooming a cat helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and can be a lovely way of bonding with your pet.

Regular grooming is required to remove any loose hair, particularly when your cat is moulting, and it will lessen the amount of fur they ingest when grooming themselves which will reduce fur balls and any associated problems. Regular grooming will also reduce the amount of shed fur around the home.

The Ergo range for cats has a variety of tools to maintain your cat's coat, skin, and claws.


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