How to calm your dog during firework season.

How to calm your dog during firework season.

Now we have hit October, firework season is going to be in full swing for the next few months. So continue reading to find out how to comfort your dog during fireworks.

Why are dogs scared of fireworks?
Dogs experience the world through their senses. As you may already know dogs are known for their incredible senses; they can pick up sounds and smells from great distances, this makes fireworks a much more intense experience for dogs. Many people believe that to dogs fireworks are just like thunder, however that is not the case. The bangs that come from fireworks are much closer to the ground than the rumbles of thunder.

Fireworks don’t give any warning signs that dogs can detect before-hand meaning when they go off dogs may see them as a threat, this is because dogs like predictability so they will enact their fight or flight responses and this can make them feel trapped as they don’t have enough room to run away from the threat.

How to keep dogs calm during fireworks.
There are many aids to help calm your dog and many are herbal and can be found at
Here are some examples of ways to keep your dog calm during the fireworks, but a longer term solution of desensitizing your dog to loud noises would work best.
• Avoid letting your dog outdoors at times when fireworks are likely to go off.
During firework season try and walk your dog during the day as it is less likely there will be any fireworks. If your dog needs the toilet during the night try to get them to go as quickly as possible.
• Create a safe place inside your home for your dog to hide from fireworks.
If your dog goes into fight or flight mode and they choose flight they would feel comforted with a special comfy and warm area just for them. That could be under the stairs or in a secure place
• T.V. or the Radio
The sudden bang of fireworks can be masked by the T.V. or the radio. If your dog can’t hear the fireworks well then they would be less anxious.

• Always draw the curtains or cover the windows.
By making sure the windows are covered there will be one less effect of the fireworks to scare your dog.
• Try not to confine your dog in one room.
When a firework goes off and your dog gets scared they may go into flight mode and try to run away. If they are stuck in one room then they won’t have the space to run and they could injure themselves, but having a secure area like their bed could really comfort them.
• Make sure that your dog is microchipped and that all the details are up to date.
If your dog was to get out the house then they need to be microchipped so if someone finds them they will know who your dog belongs to.

• If your dog can see that fireworks don’t affect you they may be less anxious.
Dogs can pick up on how their owners are feeling, therefore if you show fear towards fireworks then your dog will certainly have fear towards fireworks. Your natural reaction would be to pet your dog, but this too may cause them further anxiety as they will think you are afraid too. Try to go about your normal activities and just check in on them regularly and turn the music up!
• Provide your dog with a long lasting chew to keep them distracted, remember to always supervise them.
• Calming tablets.
Give your dog a calming tablet a few hours before any fireworks are due to go off.
For a Veterinarian recommended calming tablet visit–dogs-30-tablet-pack-188-p.asp

• Calming sprays.
Spray your dog’s bed or your finger and rub your dog’s chest to bring calmness.
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Keep in mind that all dogs are different so these may not all of these methods may work for your dog.
Desensitizing dogs to loud noises.
In the long term desensitizing you dog would be the best method. It requires time and patience. These different ways to deal with fireworks should work wonders if you haven’t had time to prepare for firework season.
Dogs are unable to escape the sounds of fireworks; therefore they will have to face a fear head-on. When your dog is showing signs of fear, call them over to you and give them a treat, or play with their favourite toy. Obviously this should be done out of firework season, so invest in audio version of firework noise that you can play anytime. Increase the volume gradually and in theory over time your dog will not be bothered by the noise anymore. By doing this you are showing your dog that there is nothing to be afraid of as you are turning a negative experience into a positive one.

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