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Dogrobe Dog Drying Coat

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Dogrobes are a practical drying coat for your dog, They are perfect for use after outdoor adventures, wet work or bathtimes.

Dogrobes have multiple uses. Many use them to dry their dogs after going out to exercise in all weathers, after beach or agility fun, woodland walks or riverside swims. Others use them after wet work and training, hydrotherapy sessions and baths. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • A wet Dogrobe will cool a dog in hot weather
  • Dogrobes shield surroundings from grit, mess and muck
  • They help keep coats flat when travelling to dog shows
  • Dogrobes melt ‘snowballs’ on dogs’ underbellies
  • Dogrobes protect upholstery and furniture from dampness and nasty smells
  • Wearing a Dogrobe can comfort an anxious, fearful or over-excited pet
  • Perfect for swimming/grooming dogs who don’t like hairdryers/blasters
  • Great when grooming curly dogs to maintain curls
  • They help comfort dogs who tremble when wet
  • Mask smells and odours
  • Prevent soiling of furniture/carpets when ointments are applied
  • Ideal for holidays in caravans and motorhomes where space is limited
  • Prevent dog coat matting caused by vigorous towel drying
Available in 5 different colours - Red, Navy, Green, Pink & Grey

Toy - Girth /Length   20inches/51cm   Jack Russell
XSmall -  Girth /Length   24inches/61cm   Cocker Spaniel
Small -  Girth /Length   26inches/66cm   Springer Spaniel
Medium -  Girth /Length   30inches/76cm   Border Collie
Large -  Girth /Length   32inches/81cm   Labrador
XLarge -  Girth /Length   36inches/91cm   German Shepard

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