Edgard & Cooper

Edgard & Cooper dog food is a no nonsense dog food that helps pets eat fresh!
Edgard & Cooper don’t use meat meal to prepare their dog food. And they never will! Because that’s some nasty stuff. Meat meal is made of intensely processed offal: cooking, squeezing, heating, grinding.
This goes on until all oil, fat and water has disappeared and only a powder remains with added synthetic antioxidants. This powder gets transported all over the world, where water, oil, fat and flavors are added later on.
Edgard & Cooper took matters into their own paws and inspired the world’s first 100% fresh meat kibble. Where fresh MEANS FRESH.
Every year Edgard & Cooper  give 10% of their profits to animal charities to help other dogs less fortunate to find new homes or eat a deliciously nutritious meal.

Benefits -  100% fresh organic,100% meat meal free, Gluten & grain free, Fruits, berries, botanicals and herbs

10% of all profits go to dog charities, Ethical award – the ethical company organization

Holistic approach, No fillers, Great for sensitive tummies, High quality proteins with high biological values