Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen was named after and created for an adorable border terrier, Lily. She’s the inspiration behind their proper food for pets.

After cooking for Lily and nursing her back to health, Henrietta was horrified to discover what regular pet food was made from. So she worked with vets, nutritionists and farmers to create some very special recipes using natural, wholesome ingredients, with no nasties. Food she was happy to feed Lily and happy to recommend to others.

Today, they make many more recipes and follow the same principles as when Henrietta first started. It all stems from love, and we put that same love into their food.

Lily's Kitchen recipes are all made with the very best natural, nutritious ingredients so that you can serve up an irresistible, nourishing meal to your four-legged friend every single day.

They are very particular about what goes into their proper food and that’s why they insist on using top notch ingredients. Their recipes contain proper meat, wholesome fruit and veg, herbs, vitamins, minerals… and absolutely no cheap fillers or nasties whatsoever.

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