Canagan Grain Free Dog Food

What is Canagan Grain Free Dog Food?

Canagan is a grain free nutritional dog/cat food. Traditionally pet foods have sacrificed the nutritional value of their food by using cheaper and less nutritionally accessible ingredients, mainly by the use of grains and one thing you will find is that dogs really shouldn’t be eating grains as they will find it harder to digest.

Why are grains added? Grains are used to lower the overall cost of producing the food, as well as helping to make your dog feel fuller.


What I feel makes Canagan the best option?

Canagan is widely known for being a brand which is proud to be entirely grain free.

The quality of the meat and fish that they source has plenty of nutritional benefits, they have a 60/65% (35% on a dry matter basis) meat content, and the remaining 35/40% is made up of natural ingredients involving a number of nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs, this is pretty much the ideal diet for your pets.

The Benefits

Canagan is brilliant to use if your pet suffers from allergies and upset stomachs, as it is a pure food source all pets would benefit from using Canagan. Because you feed your pet less it will cost you less too. Check out the scores of your current food on the link below.



Canagan have a wide variety of flavours, whether it is wet or dry food for your canine/feline friend, big or small.


You can get many tasty varieties including, Scottish Salmon and Grass Fed Lamb.

The wet food now consists of 12 delicious varieties for dogs including the new organic range with wonderful Shepard’s Pie flavour, Chicken Hotpot, Turkey and Duck Dinner and loads more on offer.

For Cat’s however you have 16 flavours to choose from including Ocean Tuna, Chicken with Seabass, and Tuna with Crab and Chicken with Vegetables again with more options being available.

Canagan dog food