Boredom Busting LickiMats

Boredom Busting LickiMats

The LickiMat is an Australian invention that has quickly become a very popular product amongst dog owners. LickiMats are rubber mats with raised grooves with different textured surfaces to engage dogs while eating. These mats are perfect for dogs who have a tendency to eat their food too quickly or are likely to get bored easily. The mental stimulation provided encourages calm behaviour for dogs in stressful or anxious situations through focused distraction. The mats also promote healthy mouths as licking stimulates saliva production as well as aiding digestive health. Adding to this, licking in dogs is a soothing behaviour which releases hormones which help to calm and relax your dog.

LickiMats come with two different textured surfaces, hard plastic and soft pliable plastic . Playdate is recommended for chunkier toppings whereas Buddy is more appropriate for softer and stickier treats. LickiMats are a great way to make small meals last longer and are effective to use for weight loss. They typically take dogs between 20 and 90 minutes to fully clean, which provides them with a period of entertainment and a challenge while eating, making meal times more entertaining and time consuming!

Easy and highly recommended toppings!


  • Peanut butter
  • Natural yogurt
  • Banana
  • Gravy and meat
  • Sweet potato
  • Frozen watermelon





TOP TIP: a good way to use LickiMats is once you’ve spread your toppings to put it into the freezer, this is a great way for your dogs to cool down on summer days and also meaning it takes more time for dogs to clean the mats!

LickiMats are a great method for managing separation anxiety which is common in dogs. The mats help to keep dogs entertained while they are alone or you are not around to comfort them. In providing a focused task to get food, dogs will become distracted and will not acknowledge immediately that they have been left. While the task only lasts between 20-90 minutes, this still combats the initial anxiety felt at the beginning of their time alone and also helps to calm them. If your dog is suffering with separation anxiety or is displaying any forms of distress when they are alone have a read of our blog discussing all about how to recognise and manage your dog’s anxiety which provides advice and other products that can help!

We do recommend initial supervision with the LickiMats, especially with dogs that are prone to chew their toys and of course small puppies as any food and toys can become a choking hazard!

LickiMats are suitable for puppies, small or medium dogs and are now sold at Kimi’s Pet Emporium in both Buddy and Playmate style, as well as different colours!

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