Why buying a quality dog food could actually save you money!
Why buying a quality dog food could actually save you money!


This year if you are thinking of changing your pet food you’ll want to know the facts. Don’t be fooled by the marketing of some of the big brands. If you after a highly nutritious food that compliments your pet, then you’ll want to look towards a quality grain free food and you can’t go any further than Britain’s best grain free pet food Canagan. Even the name is an echo to honour the bond between Man and Dog, Canagan is the Celtic word for wolf.



Traditionally dog and cat foods have sacrificed nutritional value by using cheaper, less nutritionally accessible ingredients. Canagan nutritionists have looked carefully at the dietary needs of cats and dogs to produce a food which more closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with the correct ratio of meat protein and fat to carbohydrate, with much higher meat content than most.

If you’ve ever wondered why some pets seem fussy then the answer usually lies with their food not with the pet. A lot of pet foods change the recipes often. This is to coincide with the cheapest meats on the market at the time of production, so you can’t say with certainty what is in the food. For example, one month the food may contain more chicken the next it may contain more duck, you get the picture. Unlike humans, dogs and cats use their sense of smell when eating and the unreliability of the ingredients used tampers with that process making them seem fussier. Canagan strictly adhere to a recipe, the contents of which are detailed on every packet and tin of food they produce. No hidden ingredients here.



Dogs and cats are highly adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains. This is highlighted because they don’t have the enzyme called amylase in their saliva, which helps to break down these starchy carbohydrates.

Canagan have eliminated all the grain from their recipes to create a food that is high in meat which matches as closely as possible their natural food.

Grains such as corn, wheat and barley have been linked with canine allergies, with symptoms ranging from upset stomach to itchy flaky coat. Even if your pet has no allergies, these grains are significantly less digestible and have limited nutritional value when compared to meat, yet, they are present in the majority of pet foods including some of the top brands.

If this year your up for changing pet foods you will want to consider the quality of the food, the traceability of the food and of course the price of the food. Remember Canagan goes a lot further than most pet foods. Because of the nutritional value of the food you will feed a lot less than most brands that are packed out with cheap fillers, so you’ll probably save money too. For more information on this and other pet foods visit www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk to get the full picture.