Julius- K9 Power Dog Harnesses

Julius K9 Harnesses are the bestselling harnesses in the UK. They are designed to provide high durability along with maximum comfort and practicality for all dog breeds and sizes. The Comfort (IDC) Powerharness has been specially designed for the highest level of comfort for dogs to wear over long periods, as well as being extremely secure. The harness has been designed specially with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind, with adjustable chest and belly straps to ensure a perfect fit that distributes pressure evenly on the chest and prevents any pressure in the throat area. As well as this, the front chest strap has been lowered 30 degrees to follow the natural curves of the dog’s chest, just another example of how these harnesses are tailored to each dog.


These harnesses are water resistant and scratch proof to prevent any damage and ensure the high durability of these products during use. Each harness is internally lined with skin friendly cotton padding to ensure maximum comfort for your dog while they are wearing the harness. Additionally there is a side bag fixing option which is handy for carrying poo bags or treat bags!

Julius K9 designed this harness to not only provide top quality comfort, but also to guarantee safety and security for yourself and your dog. Designed with a heavy duty buckle providing safety and reliability which is easy to clip a lead on and off. Each harness has been thoroughly tested so that the security straps work correctly and can therefore guarantee maximum safety. The harnesses also has light reflective strips and edges as well as a torch holder for added visibility when walking in the dark. Check our website for more information on www.kimispetemporium.co.uk

The IDC Powerharness is available in a variety of sizes, tailored to different dog breeds and sizes:

MINI MINI– Dog chest size: 15.5-21 inches/ 40-53cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are Pugs, Yorkshire Terriers etc.

MINI– Dog chest size: 20-26.5 inches/ 51-67cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are Dachshund, Corgi Cockalier etc.

SIZE 0– Dog chest size: 23-30 inches/58-76cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniel, Siberian husky, Dalmatians etc.

SIZE 1– Dog chest size: 26-33.5 inches/66-85cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are German Shepards, Siberian husky, Golden Retriever, Greyhound etc.

SIZE 2– Dog chest size: 28-38 inches/71-96cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are Labrador Retrievers, Boxer, Collie, Foxhound, Rottweiler, Old English Bulldog etc.

SIZE 3- Dog chest size: 32.2-46.5 inches/ 82-115 cm. Common dog sizes for this harness are  Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, American Staghound, Mastiff, Bloodhound, Great Dane, Saint Bernard etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always measure your dog or puppy to ensure a correct fit, if you are unsure on which size is correct for your dog, why not come into to Kimi’s Pet Emporium, where you can try different sizes on your dog to get the perfect fit!  You can find us at 27 Phoenix Road Crowther Washington Tyne & Wear NE38 0AD or call us on 01914151333.


PLEASE NOTE: Julius K9 has become a targeted brand for counterfeiters which are poorly made and are unsafe. These products are not durable and do not provide the same high standards as the official products. Be aware of the seller you are buying from and make sure to check their reviews and prices as counterfeits are becoming more and more like the originals making fakes hard to distinguish until they let you down!

Sold in a range of colours and sizes available instore or online at Kimi’s Pet Emporium 27 Phoenix Road, Crowther, Washington Tyne & Wear NE38 0AD – Tel:  01914151333


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