Forthglade – Natural & Nutritious Dog Food.

What is Forthglade?
The team at Forthglade believe that pet food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated. This is why their recipes are made simple and naturally nutritious with natural ingredients which have added vitamins and minerals. Their recipes are also free from any junk, fillers, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Forthglade have special recipes for puppies and senior dogs to support their health and wellbeing.

How they make their food.
Forthglade use unique recipes with quality ingredients, which most actually come from the UK, that include vitamins and minerals. Forthglade uses gentle cooking methods such as steaming and cold pressing. This allows their ingredients to keep as much of their natural goodness and flavour as possible. When it comes to packaging, they use widely recycled trays for their wet food.

Wet food
Forthglade’s wet food is designed with sensitive tummies in mind.
Their complete grain free wet food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, this is to support dog’s health and wellbeing. Dog owners can choose from different recipes including 75% salmon, lamb, duck, beef or turkey. Forthglade’s complete range of wet dog food with brown rice recipes provide balanced meals for all breeds of dog. They are packed with wholesome natural ingredients such as ocean fish, chicken, liver and tripe. They also have healthy vegetables and wholegrain brown rice. Forthglade’s wet food can be put in the freezer but it is recommended to put it in a freezer-safe container and use it within 3 months. Opened wet food can be put in the freezer and should be consumed within two days.

Dry food
Forthglade’s grain free cold pressed dry food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. The cold pressing technique is taking the ingredients and doing as little with them as possible to retain their flavour. Forthglade’s grain free cold pressed dry food is easy to digest and comes in two recipes; the duck and chicken. Both recipes contain a mix of fibre-rich vegetables.

Forthglade’s range of hand-baked, dog treats are designed to boost the relationship between dog and owner. The treats are made free from junk and are available in various recipes including: calming treats, training treats, fresh breath treats, and joints & bones treats.

Forthglade products at Kimi’s Pet Emporium

  • Forthglade chicken & vegetables dry cold pressed dog food 1kg
  • Forthglade duck with potato & vegetables 395g
  • Forthglade lamb with butternut squash & vegetables 395g
  • Forthglade turkey with potato & vegetables395g
  • Fothglade multipack wet dog food trays 12x395g